Switchboard and communication services: New version of ANDTEK secures process flows

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Efficient IP communication for large companies

Switchboard and communication services: New version of ANDTEK secures process flows

Munich/Hallbergmoos, July 23, 2013 – An even greater degree of security, performance, availability and scalability characterizes the new 5.1 release of “AND Phone” communication solutions from the Unified Communications Specialists ANDTEK GmbH. In particular large companies with complex IP communication systems now profit from an even higher level of reliability and security against failures.

Support from CUCM 9.1

The new 5.1 release of the “AND Phone” communication solution from ANDTEK is based on an updated and hardended operating system and now supports the version of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.1 (Callmanager/CUCM) which was updated last March.

Better scalability, maximum security against failures

In comparison to the previous version, the new release shines with additional seecurity updates and increased performance. In addition to this increase in service, with the new release, the ANDTEK developers have successfully increased the availability of the IP switchboard solution even further. This aspect is of particular meaning because companies with large customer databases, call centers and CRM systems such as insurance companies, credit institutes or car manufacturers place a high level of value on the highest possible security against failures.

For XXL Call Centers

The updated version of “AND Desktop AC” switchboard solution is designed for operation in a call center environment with several thousand agents capable of processing up to 100,000 calls per day. The switchboard solution from ANDTEK is therefore predestined for contact centers and companies with large switchboard environments.

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