Unified Communications Specialist ANDTEK offers top quality, a competent service and mature solutions

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IP Communication: Software Made in Germany

Unified Communications Specialist ANDTEK offers top quality, a competent service and mature solutions

Munich/Hallbergmoos, August 22, 2013 – Many corporations and medium-sized companies swear by ANDTEK GmbH’s Software Made in Germany. The mature and stable communications solutions of the Unified Communications specialists are not only perfectly optimized to fulfill customer needs, but they are also considered extremely reliable. ANDTEK’s software solutions are tested in accordance with the strictest quality standards; users benefit from a top-notch all-round service provided by the software experts.

As a German company - with German programmers - we are perfectly familiar with the requirements of medium-sized businesses here in Germany”, says Roland Russwurm. Because, ANDTEK GmbH’s CEO explains, the German SME sector is larger compared to many other countries, but also much more demanding and internationally established due to its export orientation.

German software – a driver for innovation

This international orientation of the customers perfectly accommodates software development at ANDTEK. Furthermore, ANDTEK’s manager Russwurm explains, it is an advantage to program in the local language and hence be able to also incorporate customer requirements in this language on the developer side. The user interface for German-speaking users is implemented entirely in German.

ANDTEK’s software solutions are mature, stable and constantly evolving. This is guaranteed by special tests carried out in compliance with the most stringent quality standards.

High-efficiency tests

ANDTEK’s technical staff members test the Unified Communications Software on a regular basis to ensure maximum quality and the absence of errors. This process begins as early as during the development phase through the use of unit tests, which offer a great variety of test and error analysis options even at this early stage. Functional tests are executed on the individual modules even in the course of development to test the functionality of the modules and their interaction with the overall system. As soon as the development of new functions is completed, these functions undergo further compatibility tests to verify their proper interaction with other existing functions. These compatibility tests are also necessary to ensure the flawless integration with various types of telephones and telephone systems. Aside from functional and usability tests, ANDTEK also attaches great importance to performance tests.

Service through well-trained personnel

There is no forwarding to an external call center at ANDTEK. All service enquiries are handled through a 24/7 (daily, round-the-clock) hotline giving customers direct contact to an ANDTEK employee. ANDTEK‘s service employees are trained optimally; they have experience with installing and/or troubleshooting the various software solutions themselves and are therefore perfectly familiar with these solutions.

Maximum investment protection

ANDTEK guarantees not only exceptional customer service and the best possible quality, but also the future viability of its software. This is ensured through the compatibility for programs and data as well as the mandatory maintenance contracts for support with the various software solutions.

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