Certified IP solutions from ANDEK offer legal security during investment consultations and business transactions.

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Legally recording telephone calls

Certified IP solutions from ANDEK offer legal security during investment consultations and business transactions.

Munich/Hallbergmoos, September 17, 2013 – Due to the existing laws, may services companies have to record business phone calls on audio recording media. With "AND Recorder", ANDTEK GmbH offers an IP software solution for legally compliant conversation recording. Among other things, service providers can fulfill their recording and documentation obligations.

Legal security by recording conversations

Most internationally active companies already record their telephone conversations when they pertain to consultations, business transactions or proposals. This creates legal security and prevents misunderstandings or differences of opinion from arising later. By recording conversations companies also document their legally compliant actions and fulfill their so-called organization obligations as defined in the German Commercial Code.

For service companies subject to a special kind of oversight, recording conversations is already common practice, in particular with regards to investment consultation. Since 2009, the German Securities Trade Act (Wertpapierhandelsgesetz - WpHG) securities service providers are required to create a written log with complete contents for every investment consultation with a private client. However, this can only be fulfilled by a recording if the company if the company wants to comply with its organizational obligation.

The Federal Institute for Financial Services (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht - BaFin), therefore requires expressly that business conversations held by securities traders be recorded and stored for a certain period of time.

Revision-proof and legally binding recordings

For this reason, ANDTEK GmbH has had its IP software solultion "AND Recorder" legally tested and certified to ensure legally compliant conversation recording.
According to the certificate, the ANDTEK recording solution fulfills the trade and tax-related statutory security against revision. Companies are thus guaranteed that conversations recorded using "„AND Recorder" are fully viable in court.

Legally compliant conversation recording with "AND Recorder" offers companies the following in detail:
  • Upstream notifications for preserving personal rights,
  • Indexing for quick searches,
  • Context-based search,
  • Export function for transferring to courts and authorities,
  • Protection against changes and fraud,
  • Security against loss due to backups,
  • Use only by authorized persons,
  • Encoding for ensuring confidentiality,
  • Determination of storage periods.

"AND Recorder" users can define precisely who can record what conversations and who may not. A conversation can always be recorded from the start even if the corresponding employee only activates the recording during the conversation. This function allows the exact formulation to be reconstructed and is a particularly important feature in case later recording is necessary (e.g. threatening calls).

Recorded telephone conversations can be accessed globally and independent of location. Either directly via IP telephone or on a PC.
It is even capable of recording encoded conversations. This is particularly interesting in security-critical sectors to be able to transmit telephone conversations securely and still keep a recording of the conversations.

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