Top solutions from ANDTEK in the fields of provisioning, call centers and switchboards

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Cisco Live Milan 2014: the finest in IP communication

Top solutions from ANDTEK in the fields of provisioning, call centers and switchboards

Munich/Hallbergmoos, November 21, 2013 – At the “Cisco Live” in Milan, ANDTEK GmbH will present a provisioning software for unified communications environments. Call center and switchboard solutions for corporations and medium-sized businesses (KMUs) are also a focus at the ANDTEK stand (E49). The Cisco Live is held at the largest convention center in the world, the MiCo (Milano Congressi) in Milan from January 27-31, 2014.

Selected companies present their communications solutions at the “Cisco Live” in Milan, one of the leading IT technology conventions in Europe. At the Cisco trade show, executives and IT managers from the engineering and networking fields have the opportunity of exchanging ideas and experiences and can get information about innovative ideas and changes in the unified communications market.

At stand E49 at the MiCo, ANDTEK will present the newly developed version of its provisioning software. This solution allows simple and quick management of so-called MACD tasks (Moves/Adds/Changes/Delete) in unified communications environments when permanent changes to a complex communication network need to be made. For instance, when IP telephones with different settings, need to be set up, different communication services need to be activated or IP telephone users need to be created or deleted. To set up a new user with a new telephone number, telephone, assigned softphone, on-call service and voicemail, a qualified administrator needs approximately 45 minutes. With the provisioning solution from ANDTEK, this time is reduced to a maximum of 10 minutes.

The changes are entered into the newly designed, easy-to-use user interface of the ANDTEK provisioning software and are automatically executed in the background with one click of the mouse. A specialist is no longer required. This not only saves time, but also reduces costs. In addition, the provisioning solution from ANDTEK increases the quality of the database in the communication network because when entering information, errors are avoided, such as the incorrect assignment of a telephone number.

Additional features are being developed for the provisioning software, e.g. inventory recording, a new logging function and a self-care portal with which the user can autonomously change a number of settings without an administrator (e.g., resetting passwords).

At the “Cisco Live” in Milan, ANDTEK will present its “Contact Center”, a highly scalable call distribution software with central administration of the entire customer service department directly via a web interface. This unified communications application is in use at, for instance, insurance companies with over 1,000 employees distributed across different locations.

Supervisor telephones can be integrated into the Contact Center environment in order to monitor several groups and their workloads simultaneously. Supervisors can also access additional services such as statistical information about agents, calls or waiting queues. Using reporting tools, evaluations of all agent data sets can be performed, for instance, the work load of agents, the number of incoming, accepted and dropped calls.

Additional highlights at the ANDTEK stand at the “Cisco Live Milan” include a switchboard solution for large customer databases and CRM systems, especially for corporations, some with over 100,000 employees worldwide. With this solution, employees can search in databases and directories and quickly access hundreds of thousands of entries either at stations or on mobile devices.

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