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2016.04.14 : Early Deployment Release of APAS including new Module 'AND Guard' available
'AND Guard' is the newest APAS module from Andtek. With 'AND Guard' it's possible to realize Voice Firewall, display the name of the caller in the native Cisco-Call display and much more.

2014.06.02 : Save Time And Money with AND Provisioning from Andtek
New provisioning solution increases productivity and streamlines business processes

2013.11.21 : Cisco Live Milan 2014: the finest in IP communication
Top solutions from ANDTEK in the fields of provisioning, call centers and switchboards

2013.10.15 : Unified Communications – The Path to Higher Productivity
Cisco Jabber: ANDTEK delivers corporate communications across all channels and devices in any platform

2013.10.07 : Andtek was acquired by Enghouse Systems Limited
On October 7, 2013, Andtek was acquired by Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ESL), a publicly traded Canadian-based software and services company.

2013.09.17 : Legally recording telephone calls
Certified IP solutions from ANDEK offer legal security during investment consultations and business transactions.

2013.08.22 : IP Communication: Software Made in Germany
Unified Communications Specialist ANDTEK offers top quality, a competent service and mature solutions

2013.07.23 : Efficient IP communication for large companies
Switchboard and communication services: New version of ANDTEK secures process flows

2013.06.20 : Software Testing: Functional and Reliable
ANDTEK GmbH tests Unified Communications Software for maximum quality and accuracy

2013.05.21 : Unified Communications: Simple, Shared, Mobile
ANDTEK's web-based solution for professional corporate communication

2013.04.22 : Data explosion calls for detailed reports
ANDTEK reporting system analyzes data in the communication network

2013.03.20 : Internationally Competitive with Virtual Computing
ANDTEK uses unified communications on virtual servers to give its customers more independence, secure data access, and reduced costs

2013.02.25 : ANDTEK with a strong presence in the Middle East
Munich UC specialist signs partner agreement with CCMENA

2013.01.14 : Cisco Live 2013: Customized IP communications
ANDTEK presents highly effective unified communications solutions

2012.12.17 : IP communication: fast access to information
ANDTEK GmbH tool lets users integrate contact data from the MS Exchange directly into the Unified-Communications network

2012.11.27 : Unified Communications makes financial sector ready for competition
ANDTEK provides IP-based applications for better customer relations, streamlined business processes and higher productivity

2012.10.22 : Unified Communications on virtual servers
Communications solutions offer maximum efficiency by means of VMware "vSphere" and Cisco Unified Computing System

2012.10.11 : Cost savings with ANDTEK and Cisco UCS
Tight integration and cost savings with ANDTEK and Cisco UCS

2012.09.24 : IP Communications for Government: Increased citizen intimacy, reduced costs
ANDTEK GmbH develops customized solutions from a single source

2012.08.29 : IP Communication for Corporations with Character
ANDTEK GmbH Designs and Integrates Complete Solutions

2012.07.19 : Call Handling: More Transparency, Fewer Questions
Integrating the Outlook Calendar Improves IP communications

2012.06.20 : Communication Improves Competitiveness
ANDTEK unified communications solutions improve corporate process chains

2012.05.09 : Cisco Live 2012: the Future of Technology and Business
ANDTEK presents powerful large-scale solutions in San Diego

2012.04.19 : Cisco Expo 2012: IP Communication for SMEs and Corporations
With the Generali Deutschland Infomatik Services GmbH, one of the largest German financial services groups implements solutions from ANDTEK

2012.03.21 : “Contact Center” for full-service IT service providers
Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH successfully implements a customised ANDTEK call distribution system

2012.02.15 : "Contact Center": A guarantor for high customer satisfaction
ANDTEK presents a highly scalable call distribution solution for SMEs and large corporations at the "CallCenter World 2012"

2012.01.12 : Superior IP communication for multinationals
At the “Cisco Networkers“ in London ANDTEK presents advanced communication solutions for large companies

2011.11.04 : ANDTEK ranked 23rd in Technology Fast 50
ANDTEK has been ranked 23rd in the Technology Fast 50 - Germany fastest-growing technology companies

2011.09.16 : ANDTEK’s IP communications solutions make day-to-day work easier
Customer states that using the UC solutions from ANDTEK GmbH companies saves time, money, and achieves higher network efficiency.

2011.08.18 : IP communication makes day-to-day work easier for iWelt AG
Using ANDTEK’s solutions companies save time, improve their service and achieve higher customer satisfaction

2011.06.15 : “Cisco Live 2011“: ANDTEK attracts attention
Attendant console solution including Braille display for blind persons / multifunctional manager/assistant functions / flexible integration into existing environments

2011.06.01 : ANDTEK at Collaboration PVT and CBSW
Events in June to meet ANDTEK.

2011.04.21 : Unified Communications as Cloud Software
ANDTEK’s cloud computing services offer easy access to the world of modern communication at calculable costs

2011.03.25 : Smart Contact Search
The multidisciplinary search function included in ANDTEK’s attendant console solution guarantees a reliable call forwarding

2011.01.25 : „Cisco Networkers“: ANDTEK at booth E8
ANDTEK Presents Functional and Sophisticated Attendant Console Software

2011.01.11 : ANDTEK nominated „Preferred Solutions Partner“
Sophisticated UC solutions at Cisco Live! in London

2011.01.06 : ANDTEK Attendant Console for Cisco
Interview by Jeff Owen

2010.11.02 : One-Stop Attendant Console
Attendant Console Services

2010.10.18 : Cisco Expo 2010
ANDTEK presents how manager/assistant services run on new IP phones 8900/9900

2010.08.31 : Modern Attendant Console for Cisco Platforms
The ANDTEK solution allows Cisco users to manage phone calls via your desktop computer

2010.07.19 : „Cisco Networkers“: A Red-Hot Trend
Voice and Data Communication via IP Phone

2010.06.15 : Fast Access to Corporate Data via IP Phone
ANDTEK’s solutions allow easy handling via touchpad

2010.05.27 : Useful Applications for IP Phones
ANDTEK presents innovative applications at Cisco Networkers

2010.03.20 : Easy Call Management with Touch Screen
ANDTEKs IP telephony solution for attendants

2010.01.20 : ANDTEK at Cisco Networkers (Booth E36)
Voice recording available for worldwide corporate networks / attendant console software integrates complete company databases

2009.11.19 : Attendant Console: Optimized Handling of Calls
Improve call handling with AND Phone Desktop Attendant Console

2009.09.08 : New Software Version 4
Increase revenue with next generation software

2009.08.04 : ANDTEK and ISPN
ANDTEK solutions in the ISPN program.

2009.06.08 : Innovations with a Kick
Building Management via IP Phone / Communication Using Smartphones

2009.04.20 : Building Management via IP phone
ANDTEK’s Solution Opens Doors and Controls Heating

2009.03.11 : Business Communication using Smartphones
ANDTEK’s Unified Communications Software Supports Mobile Devices

2009.01.15 : Cisco Networkers 2009 in Barcelona
ANDTEK presents integration of mobile devices into unified communications networks.

2008.10.15 : ANDTEK Reporting Tool
AND Phone Reporting allows to create extensive reports in the VoIP network in a quick and simple way.

2008.05.05 : Voice Recording for Banking
Court accepted recordings of phone conversations in global corporate net-works

2008.01.08 : Cisco Networkers 2008 in Barcelona
ANDTEK exhibits highly advantageous unified communications solutions and legally recognized telephone conversation recording

2007.10.17 : CIPTUG 2007 Annual Conference
Unified Communications and Computer/Telephony Integration

2007.10.04 : Systems 2007: Unified-Communications
Business Solutions for Computer/Telephony Integration

2007.07.19 : ANDTEK at Cisco Networkers 2007 in Anaheim, California
ANDTEK exhibits at the Cisco Networkers in Anaheim, California

2007.04.11 : Cisco Networkers 2007 in Sun City, South Africa
ANDTEK exhibits at the Cisco Networkers in South Africa

2007.02.02 : ANDTEK at Cisco Networkers in Cannes
ANDTEK exhibits at Cisco Networkers 2007 in Cannes

2006.10.23 : ANDTEK at SYSTEMS 2006
ANDTEK exhibits at SYSTEMS 2006

2006.05.22 : AND Phone Application Server support for CallManager 5.0
AND Phone support for CallManager 5.0

2006.01.16 : IP Telephony integrated with computer desktop applications
IP Telephony integrated with desktop applications

2005.12.01 : ANDTEK attends the CIPTUG conference in Las Vegas
ANDTEK attends the CIPTUG conference in Las Vegas

2005.11.08 : Andtek attends the Cisco Innovation Tour in France
Andtek attends the Cisco Innovation Tour in France

2005.02.28 : Address and LDAP Directories for IPT Environments
LDAP directory integration for IPT solutions

2005.01.26 : IPT Voice Recording for IPT environments
IPT Voice Recording for IPT

2004.12.22 : "Push-to-Talk" Service for IP PBX
"Push-to-Talk" Service for IP telephony

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